11th National Small Business Conference – Sept 09-10

September 9 – September 10

NDIA’s Top Issues serve to guide the Association’s advocacy and educational activities throughout the year. The issues are broad in nature and essential to maintaining a strong, viable defense industry capable of meeting U.S. national security requirements.

Each year, the Top Issues are developed by the senior industry leadership of the Association, prepared by the Government Policy Advisory Division, reviewed by the Education and Lobbying Committee, and formally approved by NDIA’s Board of Directors.

All goals for 2014 have been focused on Maintaining a Strong National Defense in the Face of Significant Fiscal Challenges. Small Business Issue 8: Make it Easier for Small Businesses to Compete for Government Contracts is the heart of this year’s conference.

Small businesses face special challenges when competing for contracts with the government, whether that competition involves only other small businesses or also large corporations. The U.S. Government must take care that its programs meant to protect small business competitiveness are accomplishing their intended goals.

  • Even the Playing Field When Small Businesses Compete with Each Other
  • Fix Flaws Created by the Reauthorization of SBIR and STTR in 2012
  • Keep the FAR Fair to Small Businesses

NDIA is gathering legislative experts, program managers and PEO’s, along with customers from across the military services, Homeland Security, and other federal agencies to talk about actual, upcoming requirements for FY15 and beyond. The focus will also be on small business: who is looking for small businesses, for what opportunities, and when will requirements be shaped and publicly released? Attendance at the National Small Business Conference is mandatory for any small, medium or large-sized business looking to win prime contracts, find good partners for winning teams, and gather business intelligence for the upcoming fiscal year on real opportunities. 

See the event schedule for more details.


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