National 8(a) Association Winter Conference – Feb 03-04

February 03-04

The 2015 National 8(a) Winter Conference is a two day event held on February 3rd and 4th that will focus on federal and legal updates along with how to navigate the ever-changing world of federal contracting. The nation’s top legal firms and the industry’s best consultants will be there to help give you the knowledge you need to become successful and stay that way. Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors will have the opportunity to explain exactly what it is they are looking for and what you need to do to secure contracts with them. We are excited to announce this year the TRIAD Winter Meeting will be held in conjunction with the National 8(a) Association 2015 Winter Conference at the Caribe Royale on February 5th. This will bring over 85 additional Small Business Liaison Officers to you.


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