Naval Future Force Science & Technology (S&T) EXPO – Feb 04-05

February 04-05

The Naval Future Force Science & Technology (S&T) EXPO is the premiere event sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Formerly titled ONR S&T Partnership Conference, it provides access to naval leaders who will discuss the objectives of the revised Naval S&T Strategy; the status of key programs; and new research opportunities within the Navy and Marine Corps community. 

ONR recognizes the importance of dialogue and sharing new ideas on complex challenges. Nine S&T focus areas will be explored at the conference:

  • Assure Access to Maritime Battlespace
  • Autonomy & Unmanned Systems
  • Information Dominance – Cyber
  • Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare
  • Expeditionary & Irregular Warfare
  • Platform Design & Survivability
  • Power & Energy
  • Power Projection & Integrated Defense
  • Warfighter Performance


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