WOSB National Council Spring Conference – March 25

March 25

The 2015 WOSB National Council Spring Conference kicks off the 11th Annual National Small Business Contracting Week. This WOSB conference will include 2015 USWCC Awards and strategic growth in the federal government marketplace.

Join, as we spend time with our award winners as they share stories of their business growth and as participants have the opportunity to engage with these business owners to learn details of driving growth through government contracting opportunities.

Award Categories | Women-Owned Small Businesses – State and national awards will be given to women contractors recognizing key areas of accomplishment:

INNOVATION & PERFORMANCE – awarded to contractors who exhibit outstanding innovation and/or performance on a key contract that will significantly bolster their ability to secure future opportunities.

GROWTH MASTER – awarded to contractors who have achieved significant growth in the government sector over the last three years.

EMERGING STAR – awarded to contractors who received their first government contract award within the last two years and are on their way for future opportunities.



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