Small Business Success Story: Becoming a WOSB

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For years, METALAST Surface Technology’s chemistry, training, and services have provided support to numerous Government and Military entities. In the current phase of business, METALAST has emerged as a registered WOSB with the SBA. The new MST company profile provides Government and Military partners with proven patented technology from the only Woman Owned Small Business in the world that is licensed by the US Navy to manufacture and provide MIL-SPEC QPD/QPL Hex Free/Trivalent Chromate Conversion Technology.

METALAST Surface Technology looks forward to expanded collaboration with prime and sub contractors who are providing Chrome Free and Zero Chrome solutions to their customers worldwide.

“As an SBA registered WOSB, we are confident that new opportunities for surface technology solutions will emerge for METALAST and our valued customers, and partners. MST will continue to provide the most advanced surface engineering solutions with the highest level of professionalism and expertise that our customers have been accustomed to, including MST’s comprehensive line of metal finishing chemistry, training and services,” said Madylon Meiling President of METALAST Surface Technology.

Madylon Meiling, Ph.D., became President and CEO at METALAST Surface Technology on January 1, 2015. Dr. Meiling is a recognized leader and facilitator of collaborative partnerships that are both successful and sustainable. She has more than fifteen years of experience as a corporate consultant and executive coach, specializing in leadership development, team learning, emotional intelligence, and organizational culture and change initiatives with “Fortune 100” companies.

“I am proud of METALAST Surface Technology’s acclaimed partnership approach that has been established in working with the various segments of the Department of Defense and related industries providing Military Spec (MIL-SPEC) chemistry and solutions in the removal of Hexavalent Chrome Cr6 as well as new technology innovation, particularly the development of trivalent chrome color additives for visual quality control,” added Madylon Meiling, President of MST.

If you have any questions about this transition, or would like to collaborate with METALAST in Government procurements, please feel free to contact us at 775.301.5733.

METALAST Surface Technology ( is a business-to-business provider offering metal surface engineering solutions. MST was the first chemical company licensed by the United States Department of Defense, United States Navy to commercialize and bring to market TCP-HF, a replacement for the carcinogen Hexavalent Chromate.

MST’s comprehensive line of metal finishing chemistry is a one-stop solution for all needs including cleaning, extending corrosion resistance, and sealing, improving paint adhesion and coating durability. MST patented and proprietary chemistries are internationally recognized for providing environmentally responsible metal treatments and solutions.

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