Small Business Wins $50M Federal Technology Deal

Original Article: Dayton Business Journal

A Beavercreek technology company is racking up some big wins with the federal government.

Frontier Technology Inc. recently won a $50 million contract help the U.S. Navy develop software that taps into large amounts of data — both real-time and existing — to make better decisions. The software will be used for a variety of tasks, from things like managing costs and maintenance of equipment to creating a better training experience.

The idea is to put the best insight in front of decision makers. Under the three-year deal, the Navy is asking Frontier Technology to build upon technology that was originally developed for the Missile Defense Agency.

About a year ago, the company won a $64 million contract for similar work related to logistics at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“It’s technology that the Defense Department is finding very valuable and we’re blessed to be a part of it,” said Ron Shroder, president and CEO of Frontier Technology.

Because of the military’s demand for efficiency, and the growing role that data plays in strategy and planning, Frontier Technology could be getting into a position to win large amounts of high-tech work over the next few years. That would be good for the company, as well as the Dayton region economy.

Frontier Technology specializes in decision aids, software tools used to make a more informed decisions on using resources by pulling together large amounts of data. The company has more 100 people, including about 25 here in the Dayton office with the rest spread across offices in other places like Virginia, Boston, Colorado, Alabama and Georgia.

It stays focused on a very tight niche: The Small Business Innovation Research program. This provides a chance to develop technology and roll it out to other military organizations.

The intent of the program is to move beyond research and get technology into the commercial, or third phase, because its wider use spreads out the cost.

And that’s something it has done well. This year, Frontier Technology was one of 23 businesses honored at a White House ceremony by the U.S. Small Business Administration for its SBIR work.

Frontier Technology started in 1985 near Santa Barbara, Calif. and the company opened the Dayton office within a few years. In the last 18 months, most corporate functions and leadership have been moved here and ownership of the company is in the process of being sold from one of the remaining founders to management and employees.

The California office is home to the company’s commercial work while its federal work is run from Dayton.

Shroder said Frontier Technology posted 35 percent growth for its recent fiscal year. The company originally projected 40 percent growth for the next fiscal year, but with the recent influx of work that number could hit 70 percent.

It has hired three people here in recent weeks and the additional work could lead to more jobs here and at other sites.

“There’s certainly growth in Dayton and the other offices that report here,” Shroder said.

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