Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Introduction to Source Development

NAVSUP Introduction to Source Development

The mission of the NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Contracting Directorate is to procure systems, components, spare parts and overhaul/repair services in providing support of the worldwide aviation and shipboard operations of the U. S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, other military departments and customers in foreign military establishments. Acquisitions are originated within 19 Contracting Divisions which are aligned to support specific major weapons systems or categories of equipment.


The Directorate strives to be a world class contracting organization with skills, knowledge, and integrity that are beyond reproach. It is aligned with its customer, using teaming as a primary means of understanding its customer’s needs and priorities. The Directorate continually seeks new and better business and contracting processes to improve the value of its service. It recognizes that its most important resource is its people. The Directorate ensures that its employees are certified to the level required for the position held, encourages continuous learning, supports workforce diversity, presents ample opportunity for advancement and self-improvement, and empowers individuals to make decisions within the realm his/her responsibility.


The below WEB site outlines the Navy Source Development Process with respect to becoming an approved source of supply.



Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) – Website where NAVSUP WSS Business Opportunities are primarily posted.

.       Source Approval Process (SAR) – Maritime

.       Source Approval Request (SAR) Brochure – Spares (Aviation)

.       Source Approval Request (SAR) Brochure – Repairs (Aviation)

.       Commercial Item Identification Brochure

.       NAVSUP WSS Commodity List

Current and Upcoming Business Opportunities

.       Mechanicsburg Opportunities

.       Philadelphia Opportunities


Contact your Procurement Technical Assistance Center

for assistance with Government contracts. Also the Small Business Administration has Development Centers to assist small businesses in getting started:


Included below are links to both the NAVSUP Business Opportunities page and the Navy Office of Small Business Programs (NOSBP) website. The NAVSUP Business Opportunities page will provide additional information about the NAVSUP mission and its products and services. The NOSBP website provides point of contact information for the Navy’s eleven major buying commands. The site will also provide a brief description of what each activity procures.


It is also recommended that you visit the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS);

The DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) is a web-based application that provides the capability to search for, view, and submit secure quotes on Requests For Quotations (RFQs) for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) items of supply.  DIBBS also allows users to search and view Request For Proposals (RFPs), Invitations For Bid (IFBs), Awards and other procurement information related to DLA.





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