Maintaining Industrial Capability: A Naval Aviation Equipment Readiness Challenge

COMFRC Industry Day Event

Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) is sponsoring an unclassified “Maintaining Industrial Capability: A Naval Aviation Equipment Readiness Challenge” Industry Day event on March 6th and 7th 2018.  The event will be hosted by Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) in San Diego, CA.  The purpose of the Industry Day event is to provide the opportunity to dialogue with Industry on COMFRC’s current and anticipated equipment readiness challenges, and inquire into Industry’s technical capabilities.

Fleet Readiness Centers (FRCs) provide depot Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and Upgrade (MRO&U), In-service Repair (ISR), and manufacturing services in support of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, aircraft engines, aeronautical components, and support equipment across the Naval Aviation Enterprise.  Three Fleet Readiness Centers, Centers for Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITEs), support Naval Aviation depot maintenance requirements: Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW), San Diego, California; Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE), Havelock, North Carolina; and Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE), Jacksonville, Florida.

Across the industrial FRCs, product lines are challenged by obsolescence issues – materially-aged, and technologically-dated equipment negatively impacting the command’s capacity to support 4th and 5th generation weapon systems. COMFRC is hosting this market research event to seek commercial industry options for the procurement, replacement, upgrade, repair, or repair training of aged equipment used to maintain aeronautical systems: to include hydraulic, pneumatic, avionic, mechanical, manufacturing, and blasting systems. In addition, to assess commercial innovations that provide for the management of equipment databases that maintain the associated historical maintenance records, equipment status, equipment location, and other logistical requirements. The industrial FRCs will present examples of test benches which have been identified to possess aging components, outdated operational systems, or deficient capabilities (see high-level equipment list following this announcement). COMFRC is seeking innovative, cost-effective solutions from Industry to these aforementioned complex challenges as well as, opportunities for equipment consolidation, footprint reduction, and common solutions across multiple locations.

Vendors considering attendance to this event should submit a three (3) to five (5) page technical capability statement, via email to the POCs listed below, by 16 February 2018. Please note the cover/title page and table of contents (if provided) will not count against your three (3) to five (5) page limits. Each acronym used shall be spelled out in the text the first time it appears in your technical capability statement.

Attached hereto, you will find a list of vendor questions for consideration when preparing your technical capability statement. Please note Technical Capability Statement submits will not be evaluated for contract award. Lastly, clearly indicate any proprietary data in your responses.

Questions related to this announcement may be submitted via email to the POCs listed below.

POC #1: Thomas Kracinovich, NAVAIR 2.5.2 Contracting Officer,

POC #2: Kimberly Brockington, NAVAIR 6.1.3 Senior Acquisition Planner,

The final agenda, security requirements, and administrative details, such as location, directions, parking information, etc., will be posted in a forthcoming announcement.

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this posting. The Government will not reimburse the attendees for any cost associated with participation or attending the Industry Day, and is under no obligation to award any related contract associated with this event.  Additionally, this announcement in no way commits the Government to issue a solicitation.  The requested information is to assist the United States Navy in conducting Market Research.  (

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